This Year, Solo Big Cleanup Participants Can Pick Up Bin Bags From Maxima Stores

April 06, 2021

This year, the Big Cleanup (Lielā Talka) is giving solo spring cleaners the chance to receive cleanup bags. These will be distributed with the help of Big Cleanup partner Maxima Latvija. Solo spring cleaners who plan on participating in the Big Cleanup on April 24th will be able to conveniently pick up a bin bag from one of 200 Maxima stores throughout Latvia. Maxima Latvija and the Big Cleanup organisers invite people to pitch in and create a greener, cleaner future by taking part in cleanup and improvement activities at the end of April. Those participating must still adhere to all safety measures that are in force on the date of the Big Cleanup.
To encourage solo spring cleaners to get involved and make it easier for them to participate, it will now be even easier to pick up a Big Cleanup bag. All they need to do is to visit their nearest Maxima store without needing to register with organisers of the Cleanup first. All solo spring cleaners will be able to pick up their special bin bag from Maxima stores (excluding Maxima Express stores) between April 19th and 24th by making a symbolic purchase of at least €0.10. Please bear in mind that the number of bags available is limited.
“This is a special year for us, with Maxima Latvija celebrating its 20th birthday. By supporting such a crucial initiative as the Big Cleanup, we are confirming our respect for the environment and supporting cleaner surroundings and a greener Latvia. Over the years, we have implemented a range of sustainability initiatives in order to reduce our direct footprint and support various organisations in caring for the environment. We are pleased that the organisers of the Big Cleanup have found such a creative approach, giving people the chance to clean up their surroundings on their own. This solution is an excellent example of how to adapt to both the pandemic and people’s habits; people can now pick up their solo cleanup bag on their way to the countryside or in their own neighbourhood from one of almost 200 Maxima stores. We invite everyone to join Latvia’s Big Cleanup and spring clean safely throughout the country,” emphasises Jānis Vanags, Corporate Manager and Spokesperson for the Leadership Team at Maxima Latvija.
Vita Jaunzeme, Head of the Big Cleanup, adds: “In the difficult circumstances of this year, we are placing even greater emphasis on solo spring cleaning for health reasons. The option of picking up a Big Cleanup bin bag at Maxima stores is, I believe, a good way to promote more active involvement from solo spring cleaners. Safety, participation and involvement are the most important conditions for achieving our goals. Our collaboration with Maxima is an undoubtedly important step in the development of the Big Cleanup. I am pleased to see that big businesses and industry leaders are also willing to take a step towards a greener, cleaner future for Latvia, and I am certain that this partnership will allow us to reach for even more wonderful goals together!”
About the Solo Cleanup
The Solo Cleanup is an opportunity to spring clean individually in a convenient public location without having to check in with a local coordinator. If possible, solo spring cleaners are asked to register their cleanups on our website’s solo cleanup map: The only thing the solo spring cleaner has to do is to pick up a Big Cleanup bag from their nearest Maxima (list of stores:, clean up their surroundings, and, most importantly, deliver their bag full of rubbish to their nearest officially-registered waste pickup locations marked with red on this map (!):
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Public Relations Consultant, The Big Cleanup
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