Maxima Store Opens in Ziepniekkalns With an Investment of Almost €1 Million

April 29, 2021

Today, April 29th, the Maxima X store at 1 Dižozolu Street, Riga, reopened after reconstruction in accordance with the strictest epidemiological safety measures. The store will provide convenient grocery shopping to the residents of the Ziepniekkalns neighbourhood, as well as offering a modern work environment for the 19 employees of the renovated store. More than €810,000 was invested in its construction.

“We are truly pleased that we can open this Maxima X store shortly before the May bank holidays. After 3.5 months of renovation works, the store has been made more modern, shopper-friendly and ergonomic for its employees. Now, those living in the area or visiting the nearby park will have increased shopping opportunities for purchasing all their basic necessities at lower prices under one roof. The renovations also took into account environmental concerns, with a significant proportion of the funds invested in sustainability solutions, from LED lighting down to details like to use environmentally-friendly freon in fridges,” explains Evija Grīnberga, retail dirctor at Maxima Latvija.

The 844 m2 premises of the new Maxima X store were completely transformed to be more convenient both for shoppers and employees. The utilities were completely replaced, and the interiors as well as the facade were updated to create a more modern store image. In addition, for more convenient shopping, the number of self-service checkouts was increased to five, three of which allow for cash and card payments, and two of which accept cards only. To improve the energy efficiency of the building, the roofing was fully replaced, new energy-efficient LED lighting and a ventilation system with heat recovery functions were installed, and the new fridges use environmentally-friendly freon. For the benefit of the customers and to ensure safe access, the surrounding territory has been landscaped, including replacing the pavement alongside the store.

Both this Maxima X store and others offer a wide range of Meistara Marka to-go meals, a rich array of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as other high-quality good at low prices.




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