“Maxima Latvia” Introduces Digital Receipts

April 08, 2021

In an effort to increase environmental sustainability, “Maxima Latvia” has begun gradually digitalising its receipts, and by the second half of the year will allow customers to choose whether to receive a paper or digital receipt. Currently, the issuing of digital receipts is in the initial phase of testing and is available for users of the Maxima app. A digital test receipt is being sent automatically to the email address, which was used to register customers loyalty “Paldies” card, and will also be available in the app.
“The issue of environmental sustainability is very important for us, which is why Maxima Latvija has developed a long-term strategy to improve environmental ecosystem. As part of this strategy, we regularly implement new initiatives, and we are constantly searching for innovative solutions to help care for our surrounding environment. We are therefore certain that these digital receipts are one step closer to a greener future. We have worked on this since 2019, and the first results were introduced in 2020, when a detailed purchase history was made available through the app. The second half of this year will be a turning point for digital receipts in Latvian food retail, and we are sure that our customers will appreciate it too,” explains Liene Dupate-Ugule, Head of Communications for Maxima Latvija.
Once preparations have been completed in the second half of the year, receiving an electronic receipt will be extremely simple in practice: customers will have to indicate that they wish to receive their receipts in electronic format through their loyalty card “Paldies” account. Then, if the customer makes a purchase in store and uses their Paldies card both on Maxima app or plastic physical card, the checkout register will automatically adapt and will not print a physical copy of the receipt. Maxima started work on introducing electronic receipts in 2019, and has consulted with the State Revenue Service and adapted their existing cash register system to enable a gradual transition to digital receipts.
Information for the media:                                                                                                                                
Liene Dupate-Ugule
Head of Communications, SIA "Maxima Latvija"
Phone: +371 26425420
Email: liene.dupate@maxima.lv