Maxima Invests Additional 30 Million Euro in Collaboration with Latvian Producers

August 24, 2021

To strengthen its partnership with leading Latvian food producers, Maxima Latvija plans on procuring additional products from local brands worth a further 30 million Euro, ensuring that customers are given the best long-term price in the market. The additional product procurements will be from Latvia’s leading producers, such as Laima, Spilva, Lāči, Putnu Fabrika Ķekava, Nākotne, Latvijas Piens, Abavas Dārzi and many other beloved brands.
“A wide range of products from local producers is available in our stores, where one in three products is from a local brand, and where the proportion of sales in certain categories can reach up to 90%. To encourage even greater demand for local products and support Latvian producers, we are continuing our current strategy of reducing prices long term on our consumers’ favourite products, making them even more accessible. Our customers will therefore be able to save even more money and put what they save towards other things, which is particularly important during the crisis caused by the pandemic. By concentrating specifically on products from local brands, we create added value for the entire Latvian economy in synergy with our customers and partners,” explains Edvīns Lakstīgala, Director of Procurements at Maxima Latvija.
By significantly increasing the amount of products from local brands, Maxima is expanding its partnerships with a range of producers, ensuring the lowest long-term price in the market for a range of customer favourites like Lāči bread, Selga biscuits, Serenāde sweets, Spilva tomato sauce, Ķekava meat, Dzintars spreadable cheese and other local delicacies.
This expansion of our partnerships is part of Maxima’s price reduction initiative, which ensures unchangingly low prices long term on more than 500 additional customer favourites, with discounts of up to 58% on both Latvian and global brands.  New long term campaign products are available in various categories: dairy, bread, fresh and processed meat, eggs, everyday and special occasion sweets, as well as refreshing carbonated and alcoholic beverages, toiletries, household goods and a range of other high quality goods.