Maxima First Retail Chain in Latvia with Solar Power Station

July 22, 2021

Maxima Latvija in collaboration with smart energy provider Ignitis Latvija installed  first solar power station in Latvia on the roof of Maxima XXX store in Riga,  A. Saharova Street 20 A. The total area of the solar power station is 1182.7 m2 and operates at a power of 176 kW. This is currently the first power station in Latvia to be installed on a supermarket roof, and is predicted to generate 186,666 kWh per year, providing almost 10% of the operating energy consumed by the store.
A total of 727 solar panels have been installed on the roof of the Maxima store, and it is estimated that the electricity generated by the solar power station will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by almost 80 tonnes per year. The station was installed in cooperation of smart energy provider Ignitis Latvija, who will also provide general maintenance.
“The more environmentally-friendly electricity generated by the solar power station is a choice being made by large number of businesses worldwide who support sustainable business and want to make their operations more efficient. Bearing in mind Maxima’s significant role in the Latvian economy and environment, we are constantly implementing a range of initiatives to reduce the company’s impact on the environment  and we also expect to implement similar projects in our store chain in the future. Thanks to our partner Ignitis Latvija for implementing this ambitious and extensive project,” explains Viktors Novikovs, Director of Real Estate Development and Construction at Maxima Latvija.
“Renewable and environmentally-friendly energy is the future, and we are already experiencing it today. I am extremely pleased that we could collaborate with Maxima Latvija to implement this extensive solar power station project. I would say that this is an amazing example of how a company can support sustainable and environmentally-friendly products and services as well as a reliable, economically sound source of energy. Businesses can no longer ignore sustainability issues and the environment when it comes to their business. It is everyone’s responsibility to reduce climate change, so I hope and believe that this is just the beginning, and that we will see even more of these projects in the future,” adds Ignitis Latvija Board Member Kristaps Muzikants.
Seraphim solar panels, which are widely used worldwide, were used to install the rooftop power station.
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