First Store in Latvia with Digital-Only Price Labels

March 16, 2021

To alleviate employee workloads and increase everyday efficiency, Maxima is the first retailer in Latvia to to equip an entire store with only electronic price labels. With an investment of more than 100,000 Euro, the 1-k1 Pilsoņu Street Maxima X store in the Āgenskalns neighbourhood of Riga has installed almost 12,000 electronic price labels. This will ease employees’ workload and save the almost 2,000 hours of work per year which used to be spent on changing paper labels.
“As long as we have been in operation, we have aimed for smart use of resources. The spread of COVID-19 has promoted and increased the speed of introducing technology into retail. This store, which has been fully equipped with electronic price labels, is the first both in Latvia and our store chain, and will serve as the basis for evaluating the efficiency and impact on the store’s long-term processes; once the desired results have been achieved, we will consider the possibility of using this solution in other stores. The transition to electronic price labels brings a range of benefits, primarily increasing work efficiency in the store, as well as saving resources in the long term and easing workloads, while also protecting the environment as the amount of printed paper used is decreased. With this complete transition to electronic labels, employees at the Āgenskalns Maxima X store will save more than 2,000 hours per year, which can be spent instead on excellent customer service and experience,” explains Mārtiņš Smilga, Director of IT at Maxima Latvija.
The Maxima X at 1-k1 Pilsoņu Street is the first grocery store in Latvia to be fully equipped with electronic price labels, bringing a range of benefits for both employees and customers: they offer up-to-date, precise information and transparency as well as saving work resources and reducing environmental impact. Thanks to the labels, work efficiency will also increase, resulting in employees gaining around 40 additional hours per week that were otherwise spent on changing price labels manually.
As previously reported, the Maxima XXX store at Akropole shopping centre was the first store in the Baltics to introduce electronic price labels for several thousand products. In addition, Maxima has seen a surge in innovation over the past year, introducing and developing several technologies including its expanded network of self-service checkouts, its mobile app, and the Scan&Go tool. Maxima continues to develop access to technology to other stores throughout Latvia.
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